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Postdoctoral position in Agricultural economics and Artificial Intelligence

Postdoctoral position in Agricultural economics and Artificial Intelligence
1 Period of the internship
From April 2022 to March 30, 2024.
2 Salary and other conditions of the internship
A salary of $60,000/year will be offered for a period of two years1. 
3 Requirements
PhD in economics, agricultural economics, statistics, or computer science. Knowledge of programming (Python, Stata, R, Gams, etc.) and machine learning.
4 Project objectives
The postdoctoral research fellow will work within a multidisciplinary team to develop the lamb supply and demand prediction platform in Canada. This platform will integrate a multitude of public and private data sources using data science. Specifically, the postdoctoral fellow will have to develop learning/econometric machine models to predict, at the provincial level and over an 8-week horizon, 1) the price of lamb obtained by the producer; 2) the demand in grocery stores for various lamb cuts; and 3) the price offered in grocery stores.
5 Supervisor
Professor Alphonse Singbo in collaboration with project members.
6 Place of internship
Center for Research on the Economics of the Environment, Agri-food, Transports and Energy (CREATE) at Laval University (Quebec, Canada).
7 Application
Please send your application (curriculum vitae and cover letter) to alphonse.singbo@eac.ulaval.ca.
Please view the posting here