ISPA Account

About Nominations

The ISPA is legally registered and is an “official” entity. The ISPA is a non-profit professional scientific organization with the mission to advance the science and practice of precision agriculture globally.

The purposes of ISPA are to:
  • Organize and conduct international conferences related to precision agriculture, such as International Conference on Precision Agriculture, European Conference on Precision Agriculture, and other related conferences.
  • Develop and maintain a web-portal to communicate the latest developments in Precision Agriculture with the world, and maintain a member listserv to communicate among society members.
  • Publish a regular ISPA e-newsletter for members and other subscribers.
  • Provide members an opportunity for publication original scientific in the society sponsored peer-reviewed journal (International Journal of Precision Agriculture).

The ISPA is governed by an international Board of Directors consisting of elected officers (President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary and Treasurer). In addition, ISPA has a part-time volunteer/paid position of an Executive Director who provides administrative management and support to the society activities.

The nomination committee of ISPA will request nominations for the following offices on a bi-annual basis:
  1. President No nominations, the President Elect will move into the President's role. Two year appointment to serve from July to July - from one ICPA to the next ICPA.
    (This person will become the Past-President after their term as President.)
  2. President Elect – Two year appointment to serve from July to July and then move up to President and then to Past-President.
  3. Secretary – Two year appointment to serve from July to July.
  4. Treasurer – Four year appointment to serve from July to July. (Current term runs through July 2016)
The Executive Director, appointed by the Board, providee administrative management and support to the society activities.

When it comes time to solicit nominations for the above elected positions, please feel free to nominate yourself! This is perfectly acceptable! The name of all nominators will be kept confidential.

Please forward nominations to nominations@ispag.org.

In addition, the society has “country representatives”, i.e., two members from each country represented in the society and designated as “country representatives” to champion the mission and purpose of ISPA in their respective countries. Nominations for country representatives are always open. Please feel free to nominate yourself for the country representatives.

Professional/Scientific Divisions for the ISPA:

Division 1: Precision Crop Protection
Division 2: Precision Dairy Management
Division 3: Precision Livestock Management
Division 4: Precision Conservation
Division 5: Precision Horticulture
Division 6: Precision Nutrient Management
Division 7: Precision Carbon Management
Division 8: Precision Engineering Technologies
Division 9: Precision Data and Information Management
Division 10: Women in Precision Agriculture
Division 11: Proximal Sensing in Precision Agriculture

Each Division will have a Division Chair.