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Follow up on the #OFE2023 conference

The #OFE2023 conference that took place Dec. 5-7th 2023 virtually gathered a total of 160 participants from 41 countries (42% from America; 25% from Africa; 20% from Europe; 8% from Asia; 5% from Oceania), with a live audience of about 70 people throughout the conference. Participants came from a diversity of backgrounds (47% from science, 21% students, 10% agronomists, 9% farmers, and others in NGO, government, and private sector). Participants assisted to presentation for two days and contributed to a workshop to launch the Global OFE Platform (GOFEN) on the third day. The Best Presentation awards went to Emily Murphy (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), Subha Srinivasagan (Cornell University), and Tom Allen-Stevens (British On-Farm Innovation Network). Outputs from the conference are currently being processed toward the publication of the Proceedings.