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Analysis of Spatial Variability of Key Soil Attributes In North-Central Ukraine
V.I. Adamchuk, Y.I. Boiko
As Ukrainian agricultural production undergoes major changes, a better understanding of the diversity of land resources is needed to optimize management.  Dealing with large fields (over 100 ha in size) with non-uniform growing conditions presents an opportunity for site-specific management of agricultural inputs. This publication describes our 2010 pilot study on the implementation of integrated mapping of apparent soil electrical conductivity and field topography to guide soil sampling and, ultimately, to determine spatial variability of several key soil properties, e.g., soil acidity/alkalinity and macronutrient content. Based on this study, it was noted that soil pH as well as phosphate and potassium content have different levels of spatial distribution in different fields, which cannot always be explained through soil differences revealed using ECa maps and field topography. Prior field management history and vegetation records might help to better define areas of the field with expected differences in soil test results.