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Misalignment Between Sugar Cane Transshipment Trailers and Tractor
1B. P. Passalaqua, 1J. Molin, 2J. Salvi, 2A. P. Aguilera
1. Biosystems Engineering Department, University of São Paulo, Piracicaba-SP, Brazil
2. FATEC "Shunji Nishimura", Pompeia-SP, Brazil

Sugarcane production system is dependent on a continuous cutting and regrowth of cane plants from their roots, on which traffic should be avoided to ensure the physiological integrity of regrowth and productivity.  This need for accuracy in sugarcane machine traffic boosted the adoption of automated steering systems, especially on harvesters. Tractors with the transshipment trailers, which continually accompany the harvesters in the field, yet do not adopt it or use technology with lower positioning accuracy. The goal of this study is to evaluate the patterns of lateral deviations occurring in transshipment trailers during harvest in straight and curved paths. We used a combination of a tractor and two transshipment trailers with three axles each. The tractor and trailers were each equipped with a GNSS receiver with RTK correction and the deviations of each trailers relative to the tractor were measured taking as a reference the line projected paths. The results show that the errors are far from accepted and 538% higher for curved paths than when in straight paths and that the major cause of deviations are the tractors that drive the whole set, showing the  necessity of further studies involving more variables.

Keyword: Lateral deviation, harvest, sugarcane