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On-combine Near Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to Prediction of Grain Test Weight
1D. J. Bonfil, 1I. Mufradi, 1S. Asido, 2D. S. Long
1. Field Crops and Natural Resources Department Agricultural Research Organization Gilat Research Center, MP Negev 85280, Israel
2. Columbia Plateau Conservation Research Center USDA-Agricultural Research Service Pendleton, OR 97810, USA

Whole grain near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a widely accepted method for analysis of the protein and moisture contents of grain, but is seldom applied to predict test weight. Test weight is a widely used specification for grading of wheat and predictor of flour yield. The objective of this study was to determine whether NIR spectroscopy could be used for measuring the test weight of grain. Reference grain samples of hard red spring wheat were obtained from dryland fields in the semiarid Negev region of Israel. Two NIR optical instruments were used: the laboratory Foss NIRS 6500 spectrometer that measures spectral reflectance from 400 to 2498 nm and the on-combine Zeltex AccuHarvest Grain Analyzer that measures spectral transmittance from 893 to 1045 nm (14 channels). Near infrared spectroscopy showed potential for predicting test weight (R2 < 0.88) with accuracies suitable for mapping the spatial variability of this grain quality attribute in the field. This post-harvest information will be potentially useful for yield map interpretation. 

Keyword: Crop monitoring, Foss NIRS 6500, Zeltex AccuHarvest, Near infrared, On-the-go, Wheat
D. J. Bonfil    I. Mufradi    S. Asido    D. S. Long    Oral    2008