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Use Cases for Real Time Data in Agriculture
1D. Buckmaster, 2J. Krogmeier, 2A. Ault, 1S. Noel, 2Y. Wang, 2Y. Zhang, 2A. Layton, 2A. Balmos
1. Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
2. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Agricultural data of many types (yield, weather, soil moisture, field operations, topography, etc.) comes in varied geospatial aggregation levels and time increments. For much of this data, consumption and utilization is not time sensitive. For other data elements, time is of the essence. We hypothesize that better quality data (for those later analyses) will also follow from real-time presentation and application of data for it is during the time that data is being collected that errors can be corrected and improvements of settings, operations, and protocol can be implemented.

The objectives of this work were to develop open source real time data exchanges for the purposes of logistics, profitability, and data quality.  The real time exchanges can require edge or cloud computing for analysis and visualization. The examples to be shared are open source contributions to the agriculture community related to: 1. Instant individual livestock records according to personal observation. 2. Presence/activity tracking to facilitate shared record keeping for improved logistics of personnel and machinery, 3. Auto-generation, analysis, and display of machine-based data in cropping systems to facilitate records and machinery and labor efficiency metrics “by the field”.

Keyword: Digital Agriculture, Machinery, Labor, Data, Real-time, Open source, Tracking