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ISPA Board Elections

The International Society of Precision Agriculture holds elections in the summer of the ICPA conference. Due to the nature of the board two to three offices will be open for nominations every two years. The position of Treasurer is a four-year post and that position will only have nominations accepted in the year the term expires for the current Treasurer.

Solicitation of Board Nominations (Open May 1 – June 30 of election year)

When it comes time to solicit nominations for the above elected positions, please feel free to nominate yourself! This is perfectly acceptable! The name of all nominators will be kept confidential. 
Please forward nominations to nominations@ispag.org. 
Sample from 2014:

The nomination committee of ISPA is requesting nominations for the following offices for the ISPA

President Elect – (Two year appointment) to serve from July 2014 to July 2016, and then move to President for July 2016 to July 2018 and then to Past-President in 2018.
Secretary – (Two year appointment) to serve from July 2014 to July 2016
The ISPA is governed by an international Board of Directors consisting of elected officers (President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer).  The office of President will be filled by the current president-elect, Kenneth Sudduth. The office of treasurer is a four-year appointment and is currently filled until 2016 by Tyrell Fickensher. 
Regarding nominations for the available elected positions of President-Elect and Secretary, please feel free to nominate yourself! This is perfectly acceptable! The name of all nominators will be kept confidential.
To nominate an individual:
  1. The nominator must be a current member of ISPA.
  2. The nominee must be a current member of ISPA.
  3. Contact the nominee and verify that they are interested/available to serve as an officer. 
  4. Submit a short CV (2-pages) with a high resolution picture of nominee.
  5. Provide contact information for the nominee and the nominator.
  6. Please send nominations to nominations@ispag.org.
Nominations must be received by 30 June 2014. 
Elections will be held electronically.

Voting for Officer Elections

In 2014, the Society employed an electronic ballot for elections of president-elect and secretary. PAQ Interactive created a voting system. An email was sent to each member with the candidates for each position listed, a link to their CV and a small photo of the candidate. A member could click on the candidate name to vote for the candidate. Once a vote was cast, the token sent to that member was spent and the member could not vote again for that office. The email also included the option of going to the website and logging in to access an online ballot. If the member had already used their voting token, the ballot would not let them vote again. If they had not yet voted, they could select a candidate for each office and cast their ballot.  The system recorded if a member voted, but not for whom.