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What do country reps do?

The intent of Country Representatives is to have champions of the ISPA mission and purpose spread all over the world. An ISPA Country Representative represents their country to ISPA and ISPA to their country. 
Country Representatives reflect the truly global nature of ISPA. Country Reps provide precision agriculture updates from their region and news-worthy items for the ISPA newsletters and website, including position announcements, events, awards, etc. 
Each country with one or more ISPA members may have a representative. Country Reps are ISPA members in good standing living in the country they represent. ISPA allows two representatives from each country.
To see the list of country representatives, you need to be a member in good standing and logged in to ispag.org. 
If you are not a member and would like to reach out to a Country Representative, please send an email to info@ispag.org and include your message and the country of the Country Representative you would like to reach.