The 10th ICPA History

Historical Evolution and Recent Advances in Precision Farming

History of PA and OFE

History of ISPA

The ISPA is the scientific organization that comes in a straight line from the founders of the precision farming idea in Minnesota in the early 90’s.
The texts listed at right are provided as a reference to those interested in knowing more about the history of precision agriculture in general and the origins of the ISPA in particular.

Past Presidents



Dr. Ian Yule
Professor in Precision Agriculture
Massey University, New Zealand


Dr. Nicolas Tremblay
Plant Nutrition and Crop Management Specialist
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Research and Development Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


Dr. Ken Sudduth
Research Agricultural Engineer


Dr. John Stafford
Consultant in Precision Agriculture and Computing
Silsoe Solutions


Dr. Raj Khosla
Monfort Professor of Precision Agriculture
Colorado State University