International Robotics and Automation Symposium

Bridging gaps in production agriculture: advancement in Robotics and Automation


Agricultural production is challenged by world food demand, the need to reduce agriculture's environmental footprint, the shortage of labor, and unprecedented variations in weather patterns. These stressors are accelerating the pace of innovation in automation and robotic systems which have benefited from the advancements made in machine vision, sensors and actuators, artificial intelligence (AI), and human-robot interactions.

This symposium will provide a space where academia, industry, funding agencies, and other stakeholders can exchange knowledge on emerging trends and identify challenges along with opportunities in the fields of automation and robotics in agriculture.

The symposium will be held on Monday, 22 July 2024 in Manhattan, KS, USA, in conjunction with the 16th International Conference on Precision Agriculture.


Registrants of the 16th International Conference on Precision Agriculture can add a registration to the symposium to their order at no additional cost. 

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Downloadable Flyer for the International Robotics & Automation Symposium

Hear from renowned National and International experts on recent advances in:

  • Machine vision systems, sensors, and artificial intelligence algorithms to support automation and robotics development

  • Data fusion and processing algorithms to support real-time automation and robotics applications

  • Design and deployment of swarm robots

  • Economics and logistics of adopting robotics systems in row crop production

  • Opportunities and mechanisms for collaboration among academia, government, and industry to advance development and applications of robots in production agriculture

Download the Internaternational Robotics & Automation Symposium informational flyer Here

Downloadable Flyer

The International Symposium on Robotics and Automation is supported in part by a USDA NIFA Conference Award. 
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