ISPA Account

Guidance for ISPA Communities

The primary purpose of Communities is to better assemble members with common interests so as to facilitate planning, communication, and coordination of programs and services.

Beginning a Community: A potential new Community starts by with submission of an application to the ISPA board. This application will include Community name, justification, interests/scope, proposed activities, founding Leader and Vice-Leader names and contact information, and names and contact information for 10 supporting ISPA members. A Community will be officially recognized after an approval vote of the ISPA board.

Ending a Community: Communities can end due to: 1) inactivity; or 2) request. Communities will be dissolved if inactive for two consecutive calendar years. The ISPA Board will annually review the health and activity of each current Community to insure they are meeting this requirement. The membership of a community can request it be dissolved if they feel it no longer serves a useful purpose within ISPA.

Expectations of a Community: Each community should be active in meeting the needs of its members and ISPA. Activities of each community can vary according to need but should include:

  1. Hold an Annual Community Meeting (either at the ICPA, a virtual meeting, or otherwise as arranged by Community Leadership)
  2. Conduct an election of Community Leadership at the Community Meeting in alternate years.
  3. Have a minimum of 10 ISPA members identified as community members at the end of each calendar year.
  4. Maintain a webpage with current information on the ISPA site.
  5. Organize a minimum of one oral session, technical tour, workshop, or event at each ICPA or other appropriate venue every two years.

Membership: Once a community is formed, any ISPA member will be able to join through their account on the ISPA website. Each member may affiliate with as many communities as they desire.