Poster Sessions Monday and Tuesday Evenings

Poster presenters are required to bring their printed poster to the conference.  Please make arrangements to have your poster printed before you arrive.  Conference Organizers will not be able to print your poster onsite. 

Please note: poster format must be no larger than 44.5 inches high by 44.5 inches wide (1.15 meters by 1.15 meters). Please be sure your posters are designed to fit in this format. Posters may be attached to the boards using pushpins or velcro. Supplies will be available at the conference registration desk. Presenters may begin setting up their poster at 7:30am on the date of their presentation and their poster must be removed following the evening reception. Posters that are left on display past their time will be removed by conference staff.

The Poster Sessions will be Monday & Tuesday evening from 5:00pm to 6:30pm poster presenters should be present during this time.  Please review the Poster program thoroughly to find out on which day your poster will be presented.  

If you have questions please contact info@ispag.org.

Poster Program