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Keynote Presentations

Chris Paterson

Chris PatersonChris Paterson leads the Bayer CropScience Digital Farming initiative (XARVIO.com) in North America, and resides in Calgary, Alberta.  Chris has been involved with agronomy and agribusiness across North America for 25 years, and for the past 10 years has been directly involved with the development of business applications around emerging technologies that generate, or consume farm data.  The Digital Farming team that Chris leads has technical competencies in agronomy, data science, IT, and precision Ag technologies.  Together with colleagues from South America and Europe, the team has been able to rapidly evolve from recruitment of the right people, to raw ideation and conceptualizing, through product development and ground truthing, to full commercialization and revenue generation in 3 years.  Because Bayer Digital Farming has an approach to the market that focuses on collaboration with other companies, his team has involvement with a broad spectrum of companies and technologies including farm data management platforms, equipment sensors, weather and imagery sensors, robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless mobile connectivity, etc. Chris will introduce some trends that are driving (or preventing) adoption of precision ag and farm data technologies on North American farms, show some potentially disruptive technologies to watch for, and reveal where Bayer Digital Farming thinks their opportunity is emerging.
Chris Paterson's participation is possible due to a sponsorship from Bayer-Canada.

Yoshua Bengio

Dr. Yoshua Bengio (computer science, 1991, McGill U; post-docs at MIT and Bell Labs) is Professor at the University of Montreal since 1993, department of computer science and operations research. He is scientific director of MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, currently the largest academic research group on deep learning) and IVADO (Institute for data valorization). Yoshua Bengio is Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms. He authored three books and over 300 publications (h-index over 100), mostly in deep learning. He holds a Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms, is Officer of the Order of Canada, recipient of the Marie-Victorin Quebec Prize 2017, he is a CIFAR Senior Fellow and co-directs its Learning in Machines and Brains program. He is on the NIPS foundation board (previously program chair and general chair) and co-created the ICLR conference (specialized in deep learning). He pioneered deep learning and his goal is to uncover the principles giving rise to intelligence through learning, as well as contribute to the development of AI for the benefit of all. He was just named scientist of the year in Canada for his research that revolutionized and deepened our knowledge of artificial intelligence, and his initiatives that made Montreal a hub in the sector.
Dr. Bengio's participation is possible due to a partnership with MILA.