Poster Sessions Monday and Tuesday Evenings

Please Note: Posters will be on display BOTH Monday and Tuesday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:30pm in the Level 4 Foyer. Presenters should display their posters on the designated board by 3:00pm on Monday. Presenters are asked to be at their poster from 5:30pm to 6:00pm Monday and Tuesday evenings. 

Poster Program

5:00 PM
6:30 PM
Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Topic: Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Board: none
Assessing Soil Organic Carbon Levels at the Sub-Field Scale in Southwestern Ontario Using a UAV Mounted Multispectral Sensor
Poster Number: 1
- Michael March
Assessment of Red-Edge Based Vegetation Indices Derived from Unmanned Arial Vehicle for Plant Nitrogen Content Estimation
Poster Number: 2
- Olga Walsh
Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Active-Optical Sensor to Monitor Growth Indices and Nitrogen Nutrition of Winter Wheat
Poster Number: 3
- Zeyu Zhang
Monitoring Soybean Growth and Yield Due to Topographic Variation Using UAV-Based Remote Sensing
Poster Number: 4
- Kenneth Sudduth
Prototype Unmanned Aerial Sprayer for Plant Protection in Agricultural and Horticultural Crops
Poster Number: 5
- Srinivasulu Reddy G
Salinity Stress Assessment on Vegetation Cover in Arid Regions Using Visible Range Indices of True Color Aerial UAV/Drone Images
Poster Number: 6
- Sawsana Al-Rahbi
Soybean Maturity Stage Estimation with Unmanned Aerial Systems
Poster Number: 7
- Joby Prince Czarnecki
UAV/UAS Remote Sensing in Precision Viticulture Pre-Assessment
Poster Number: 8
- Neal Pilger
UAV Based Remote Sensing of Viticulture Growth Dynamics
Poster Number: 9
- Neal Pilger
Use of UAV Acquired Imagery As a Precision Agriculture Method for Measuring Crop Residue in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Poster Number: 10
- Ahmed Laamrani
Combining texture and spectral feature values for rice plant detection using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery
Poster Number: 12
- Yongchao Tian
Wheat Biomass Estimation Using Visible Aerial Images and Artificial Neural Network
Poster Number: 13
- Christian Bredemeier
Big Data, Data Mining and Deep Learning
Topic: Big Data, Data Mining and Deep Learning
Board: none
Data-Driven Agricultural Machinery Activity Anomaly Detection and Classification
Poster Number: 14
- James Krogmeier
From Hyperspectral Signatures to Machine Learning Modeling to Predict Nutrient Content in Costa Rican Soils
Poster Number: 15
- Johan Perret
Improving the Use of Artificial Neural Networks for 
Site-Specific Nitrogen Fertilization
Poster Number: 16
- Josef Hauser
Semantic Segmentation of Roadside Survey Imagery for Post-Harvest Tillage Assessment
Poster Number: 17
- Neal Pilger
Decision Support Systems
Topic: Decision Support Systems
Board: none
Field Test of a Satellite-Based Model for Irrigation Scheduling in Cotton
Poster Number: 18
- Ofer Beeri
Effective Use of a Debris Cleaning Brush for Mechanical Wild Blueberry Harvesting
Poster Number: 19
- Karen Esau
Spatial Decision Support System: Controlled Tile Drainage – Calculate Your Benefits
Poster Number: 20
- Angela Kross
Variable Selection and Data Clustering Methods for Agricultural Management Zones Delineation
Poster Number: 21
- Eduardo Souza
Reverse Modelling of Yield-Influencing Soil Variables in Case of Few Soil Data
Poster Number: 22
- István Sisák
Economic and Management Tool for Assessing Wild Blueberry Production Costs and Financial Feasibility
Poster Number: 23
- Travis Esau
A Geographic Information System for Mapping Apple Quality
Poster Number: 24
- Eduardo Souza
Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Topic: Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Board: none
Application of Variable-Rate Irrigation for Potato Productivity
Poster Number: 25
- Aghil Yari
- Viacheslav Adamchuk
Education and Outreach in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Education and Outreach in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Refractive Index Based Brix Measurement System for Sugar and Allied Industries
Poster Number: 26
- Mahaling Dongare
Exploring Wireless Sensor Network Technology in Sustainable Okra Garden: A Comparative Analysis of Okra Grown in Different Fertilizer Treatments
Poster Number: 27
- Lamar Burton
Harness the Power of the Internet to Improve Yield
Poster Number: 28
- Michael Finegan
- Derek Wallace
Creating Thematic Maps and Management Zones for Agriculture Fields
Poster Number: 29
- Eduardo Souza
Farm Animals Health and Welfare Monitoring
Topic: Farm Animals Health and Welfare Monitoring
Board: none
Evaluation of Nutrient Intake in Sheep Fed with Increasing Levels of Crambe Meal (Crambe Abyssinica Hoscht)
Poster Number: 30
- Darcilene de Figueiredo
The Correlation Between Criteria from Welfare Quality® Protocol Applied to Dairy Cows Housed in Free-Stall Barn
Poster Number: 31
- Gabriel Dallago
The Animal Welfare of Dairy Cows Housed in Free-Stall Barn According to the Welfare Quality® Protocol: Good Feeding and Good Housing Principles
Poster Number: 32
- Gabriel Dallago
Efficiency of Microbial Synthesis and the Flow of Nitrogen Compounds in Sheep Receiving Crambe Meal (Crambe Abyssinica Hochst) Replacing the Concentrade Crude Protein
Poster Number: 33
- Darcilene Figueiredo
Genomics and Precision Agriculture
Topic: Genomics and Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Applications of Unmanned Aircraft System for Genomic Selection of Drought Tolerance in Forages
Poster Number: 34
- Pieter Badenhorst
Geospatial Data
Topic: Geospatial Data
Board: none
Experiences in the Development of Commercial Web-Based Data Engines to Support UK Growers Within an Industry-Academic Partnership
Poster Number: 35
- Yonatan Shahar
Development of an Overhead Optical Yield Monitor for a Sugarcane Harvester in Louisiana
Poster Number: 36
- Richard Johnson
Application of Routines for Automation of Geostatistical Analysis Procedures and Interpolation of Data by Ordinary Kriging
Poster Number: 37
- Eduardo Souza
In-Season Nitrogen Management
Topic: In-Season Nitrogen Management
Board: none
Estimating Litchi Canopy Nitrogen Content Using Simulated Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
Poster Number: 38
- Shuisen Chen
Levels of Inclusion of Crambe Meal (Crambe Abyssinica Hochst) in Sheep Diet on the Balance of Nitrogen and Ureic Nitrogen in the Blood Serum
Poster Number: 39
- Darcilene Figueiredo
Using a UAV-Based Active Canopy Sensor to Estimate Rice Nitrogen Status
Poster Number: 40
- Songyang Li
Active and Passive Sensor Comparison for Variable Rate Nitrogen Determination and Accuracy in Irrigated Corn
Poster Number: 41
- Leonardo Bastos
Active Canopy Sensors for the Detection of Non-Responsive Areas to Nitrogen Application in Wheat
Poster Number: 42
- Andres Berger
Using Drone Based Sensors to Direct Variable-Rate, In-Season, Aerial Nitrogen Application on Corn
Poster Number: 43
- Laura Thompson
Land Improvement and Conservation Practices
Topic: Land Improvement and Conservation Practices
Board: none
Evaluation of Strip Tillage Systems in Maize Production in Hungary
Poster Number: 44
- Tamás Rátonyi
Organic Nitrogen Uptake: A Novel Pathway to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Crop Productivity
Poster Number: 45
- Kawsar Ali
Characterization of Soil Properties, Nutrient Distribution and Rice (Oryza Sativa.) Productivity As Influenced by Tillage Methods in a Typical Gleysols
Poster Number: 46
- Fuseini Issaka
The Use of Principal Component Analysis of Ecological Data Using CANACO (Case Study: Rangeland of Ravansar)
Poster Number: 47
- hossein arzani
On Farm Experimentation with Site-Specific Technologies
Topic: On Farm Experimentation with Site-Specific Technologies
Board: none
Use of Farmer’s Experience for Management Zones Delineation
Poster Number: 48
- Eduardo Souza
Canola Response to Variable-Rate N Applications Under Different Weather Conditions: A Multi-Year Case Study in Northern Ontario, Canada
Poster Number: 49
- Jiali Shang
Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
Topic: Precision Agriculture and Global Food Security
Board: none
An Automatic Control Method Research for 9YG-1.2 Large Round Baler
Poster Number: 50
- Jianjun Dong
Fortified Fertilizer Application in Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Grown Under Water Stress Condition
Poster Number: 51
- Anser Ali
Exploring Tractor Mounted Hyperspectral System Ability to Detect Sudden Death Syndrome Infection and Assess Yield in Soybean
Poster Number: 52
- Ittai Herrmann
Effect of Composts Prepared from Municipal Solid Waste in the Agrochemical Properties of Serosem Soils of Uzbekistan
Poster Number: 53
- Sindor Pardaev
Farmland Linetype's Acquisition Method Based on Hough Transform and Its Application in Tractor's Roll Angle Monitoring
Poster Number: 54
- Jiangtao Qi
Development of Farmland-Terrain Simulation System for Consistency of Seeding Depth
Poster Number: 55
- Weiqiang Fu
Precision Crop Protection
Topic: Precision Crop Protection
Board: none
Development of Vision Monitoring Technology of Determining the Optimum Timing to Control Eurytoma Maslovskii for Increasing Plum Productivity
Poster Number: 56
- Yeonghwan Bae
Precision Dairy and Livestock Management
Topic: Precision Dairy and Livestock Management
Board: none
Ear-Attached Accelerometer as an On-Farm Device to Predict the Onset of Calving in Dairy Cows
Poster Number: 57
- Michael Iwersen
The Influence of Calf’s Sex on Total Milk Yield and Its Constituents of Dairy Cows
Poster Number: 58
- Gabriel Dallago
Environmental Impacts of Precision Feeding Programs Applied in Brazilian Pig Production
Poster Number: 59
- Candido Pomar
Dynamic Feeding Intake Monitoring in Growing-Finishing Pigs Reared Under Precision Feeding Strategies
Poster Number: 60
- Candido Pomar
Usage of Milk Revenue Per Minute of Boxtime to Assess Cows Selection and Farm Profitability in Automatic Milking Systems
Poster Number: 61
- Liliana Fadul-Pacheco
The Spread of Precision Livestock Farming Technology at Dairy Farms in East Hungary
Poster Number: 62
- Tamás Rátonyi
Time Series Analysis of Somatic Cell Count from Dairy Herds in Minas Gerais - Brazil
Poster Number: 63
- Gabriel Dallago
Exploring Relationships Between Dairy Herd Improvement Metrics in Minas Gerais – Brazil Dairy Herds
Poster Number: 64
- Gabriel Dallago
Precision Horticulture
Topic: Precision Horticulture
Board: none
Variability Analysis of Temperature and Humidity for Control Optimization of a Hybrid Dehumidifier with a Heating Module for Greenhouses
Poster Number: 65
- Young-Woo Seo
Invasive and Non-Invasive Technology for Measuring Water Content of Crop Leaves in Greenhouse Horticulture
Poster Number: 66
- Hiroki Umeda
Implementation of a CAN Bus System to Monitor Hydroponic Systems
Poster Number: 67
- Peter Tikasz
Profitability and Success Stories in Precision Agriculture
Topic: Profitability and Success Stories in Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Variable-Rate-Fertilization of Phosphorus and Lime – Economic Effects and Maximum Allowed Costs for Small-Scale Soil Analysis
Poster Number: 68
- Soeren Schulte-Ostermann
Toward a Precision Agricultural Implementation for Sugar Cane Plantations in Southwestern Region of Colombia, South America
Poster Number: 69
- Jorge Celades
Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soil and Crop (including Phenotyping)
Topic: Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soil and Crop (including Phenotyping)
Board: none
Mapping Leaf Area Index of Maize in Tasseling Stage Based on Beer-Lambert Law and Landsat-8 Image
Poster Number: 70
- Xiaohe Gu
Evaluation of an Artificial Neural Network Approach for Prediction of Corn and Soybean Yield
Poster Number: 71
- Angela Kross
Towards Universal Applicability of On-the-Go Gamma-Spectrometry for Soil Texture Estimation in Precision Farming by Using Machine Learning Applications
Poster Number: 72
- Stefan Pätzold
Development of a Manual Soil Sensing System for Measuring Multiple Chemical Soil Properties in the Field
Poster Number: 73
- Eko Leksono
Two-Layer Multiple Soil-Property Mapping Measured with a Real-Time Soil Sensor
Poster Number: 74
- Masakazu Kodaira
Innovative Assessment of Cluster Compactness in Wine Grapes from Automated On-the-Go Proximal Sensing Application
Poster Number: 75
- Javier Tardaguila
Designated Value for a Field Polygon Based on Imagery Data: A Case Study of Crop Vigor in Agricultural Application for Irrigation
Poster Number: 76
- Ofer Beeri
Use of Proximal Soil Sensing to Delineate Management Zones in a Commercial Potato Field in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Poster Number: 78
- Abdelkarim Lajili
Delineation of Soil Management Zones: Comparison of Three Proximal Soil Sensor Systems Under Commercial Potato Field in Eastern Canada.
Poster Number: 79
- Athyna Cambouris
Examining the Relationship Between SPAD, LAI and NDVI Values in a Maize Long-Term Experiment
Poster Number: 80
- Tamás Rátonyi
Data Fusion of Imagery from Different Satellites for Global and Daily Crop Monitoring
Poster Number: 81
- Ofer Beeri
Optical High-Resolution Camera System with Computer Vision Software for Recognizing Insects, Fruit on Trees, Growth of Crops
Poster Number: 82
- Gottfried Pessl
Robotics, Guidance and Automation
Topic: Robotics, Guidance and Automation
Board: none
Canopy Temperature Mapping with a Vineyard Robot
Poster Number: 83
- Javier Tardaguila
Economics of Swarm Bot Profitability for Cotton Harvest
Poster Number: 84
- Jared Cullop
Agricultural Robots: Drivers, Barriers and Opportunities for Adoption
Poster Number: 85
- Karen Rial-Lovera
High Accuracy Path Tracking for Rice Drill Seeder in Uneven Paddy Fields
Poster Number: 86
- Xiangpeng Liu
UAVs and Ground-Based Robotics - Agriculture in the 21st Century.
Poster Number: 87
- Neal Pilger
Site-Specific Nutrient, Lime and Seed Management
Topic: Site-Specific Nutrient, Lime and Seed Management
Board: none
Design and Performance Experiment of an Outer Grooved-Wheel Fertilizer Apparatus with the Helical Tooth
Poster Number: 88
- Du Jun
Integration of Proximal and Remote Sensing Data for Site-Specific Management of Wild Blueberry
Poster Number: 89
- Allegra Johnston
Rapid Acquisition of Site Specific Lime Requirement with Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
Poster Number: 90
- Matthias Leenen
Site-Specific Pasture Management
Topic: Site-Specific Pasture Management
Board: none
Grazing System and Solar Fences, Innovation and Opportunity in Rangeland of Developing Countries
Poster Number: 91
- Hossein Arzani
Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Topic: Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Practical and Affordable Technologies for Precision Agriculture in Small Fields: Present Status and Scope in India
Poster Number: 92
- Hasan Mirzakhaninafchi
Smart Weather for Precision Agriculture
Topic: Smart Weather for Precision Agriculture
Board: none
Correlations Between Meteorological Parameters and the Water Loss of Maize from Silking to Harvesting
Poster Number: 93
- János Nagy
Wireless Sensor Networks
Topic: Wireless Sensor Networks
Board: none
Remote Measurement and Control System of Piggery Environment Based on LoRa
Poster Number: 94
- Liu Xingqiao
Development of a Wireless Sensor Network for Passive in situ Measurement of Soil CO2 Gas Emissions in the Agriculture Landscape
Poster Number: 95
- Mohamed Debbagh