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ISPA Newsletter 9(2) February 2021: Denmark PA, DigitalAG@Farms, Upcoming Events, Jobs Listing, Contribute
Feb 9, 2021
Precision Agriculture in Denmark 2020
According to Denmark Statistics, the share of farms using precision technology increased from 28 percent in 2019 to 35 percent in 2020. The growth is mainly due to section control of field sprayers and other equipment, which increased from 14 percent to 21 percent. The percentage of farms using most other technologies increased modestly or was unchanged. The area managed with precision agriculture technology changed somewhat. For example:
  • The area of Danish crop land managed with some type of precision agriculture technology increased to 70% in 2020, up from 66% in 2019.
  • The area managed with crop sensors dropped from 8% in 2019, to 5% in 2020.
(website in Danish - https://www.dst.dk/Site/Dst/Udgivelser/nyt/GetPdf.aspx?cid=34733)
New Extension Publication - DigitalAG@Farms
The DigitalAg@Farm publication series was prepared by Alabama A & M and Auburn Universities with the goal of increasing awareness and knowledge on different applications of precision ag technologies for site specific management and also on the agronomic benefits of using different technologies in agriculture. The majority of the project reports included here are focused on precision planting and irrigation. Although the results included correspond to the 2019 year, the results and information is still very much relevant today. We will put together the same report with the 2020 results. Access the document here:  
ECPA 2021 Update
Registration for ECPA 2021 will open soon. Corresponding authors will receive a personal mail directly from the organizers regardless of official notice. This still not mean official acceptance of the proposed papers!
All accepted papers will be included in the Proceedings which will be distributed at the start of the Conference. (For on-line participants there will be a digital version of the proceedings).
Please note also that submissions of presenting authors who have not registered before the deadline for early registration (30th March 2021), will be removed from the proceedings. For this reason it is important to indicate the presenting author carefully.
The organizers hope that the pandemic situation will let the conference to be organized in person!
Ohio State University holding Ag Tech Tuesday
Ag Tech Tuesday is focused on eFields research projects and will provide the opportunity to discuss results and gather information about research interests for 2021. There is no cost to attend any of the webinars so please plan to join us for all sessions!

February 16 - Tech to Improve On-Farm Efficiency
• Manure On-the-Go Sensing, Chris Shoup
• Yield Monitor, Alysa Gauci
• VR videos and Field demonstrations, Brooke Beam
• TBA, Andrew Klopfenstein

February 23 - eFields Small Grains, Forages, Soil Health, and Water Quality Results
• Production Budgets and Custom Rates, Barry Ward
• Winter Annual Forages, Jason Hartschuh
• Barley Cohort, Eric Richer
• Hemp, Lee Beers
• Soil Health Testing, Boden Fisher

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Upcoming Events
3-5 NOV 2023
1st International Conference on Innovative Technologies for Climate Change
Sousse, Tunisia
5 & 7 DEC 2023
#OFE2023 Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation 
8-11 JAN 2024
2024 International Conference for On-Farm Precision Experimentation
United States
21 FEB 2024
6th Annual Phosphorus Forum
Tempe, Arizona, United States
3-5 APR 2024
3rd Latin American Conference on Precision Agriculture (CLAP) and the 1st Dominican Congress on Precision Agriculture
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
21-24 JUL 2024
16th International Conference on Precision Agriculture 
Manhattan, Kansas, United States
3-5 DEC 2024
3rd African Conference on Precision Agriculture
Kigali, Rwanda
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