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ISPA Newsletter 7(1) January 2019 : Ukraine, Referees, PA Definition, Upcoming Events
Jan 9, 2019
Precision Agriculture in the Ukraine
Precision agriculture technology is readily available in the Ukraine. Many of the major PA companies from Europe and North America are represented. There are many Ukrainian start up companies providing PA services, such as drone images, soil testing and soil mapping. The large farming companies, like Kernel (www.kernel.ua), have experimented with a range of PA technologies including: use of satellite images, yield mapping, intensive soil sampling and variable rate technology for fertilizer and seed. There are no official statistics on PA adoption in Ukraine, but all indications are that other than Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), adoption of PA technologies is very limited.
ISPA member and Agrilabs co-founder Iaroslav Beiko says, “Ukraine is on the stage of studying and testing elements of precision agriculture, so if we are talking about using of separate elements of PA (use autopilot or automatic section control) are used up to 20% Ukraine's areas. If we are talking about systematic and conscious use of PA complex, from mapping of field properties to VRT of fertilizers and seeds, is used on the less than 5% of areas.“
Some industry sources suggest a slightly higher adoption, but tell the same underlying story. For example, the SmartFarming website says, “About 30% – this is the ratio of agriculture producers in Ukraine that implement precision farming technologies today. However, they usually limit this innovative technique to a single feature – an autopilot or a guidance system to avoid overlaps and gaps in the fields” (https://smartfarming.ua/en-blog/kak-nachat-vnedryat-tochnoe-zemledelie-na-predpriyatii)
Referees for our Journal, Precision Agriculture
The editors, John Stafford and Jess Lowenberg deBoer are finding it increasingly difficult to get referees for papers.  As the Journal’s Impact Factor increases (now 2.4), the number of papers submitted is increasing and each paper needs two peer reviews.  All of you who submit papers to peer reviewed journals such as Precision Agriculture expect your paper to be thoroughly reviewed.  So it really is incumbent on all authors to be ready to referee other scientist’s submissions to keep the system working properly.  If you are willing to review papers from time to time and have not been asked so far then please drop your name, email and expertise to info@ispag.org.
PA Definition project update
The consultation process for establishing the ISPA’s definition of precision agriculture is going on. Currently, about 36 contributors are debating over 17 potential definitions over the Codigital platform. More than 2800 votes and 280 edits have been made and the lead definition group is clearly emerging. The implication and dedication of the participants have been tremendous so far. A special thanks to Alex Escola from the University of Lleida in Catalonia (Spain) for his much appreciated support. There is still about three weeks to go in the consultation.
Upcoming Events
1-4 JUL 2024
AgEng2024 - Agricultural Engineering challenges in existing and new agroecosystems
Agricultural University of Athens, Greece
21-24 JUL 2024
16th International Conference on Precision Agriculture 
Manhattan, Kansas, United States
22 JUL 2024
International Symposium on Robotics & Automation
Manhattan, Kansas, United States
25-27 SEPT 2024
11th International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering
Bali, Indonesia
15 OCT 2024
São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Precision Livestock Farming
São Paulo, Brazil
27-30 OCT 2024
International Workshop on Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging on Agriculture and Geo Applications
Abu Dhabi, UAE
3-5 DEC 2024
3rd African Conference on Precision Agriculture
Kigali, Rwanda
29 JUN - 3 JUL 2025
15th European Conference on Precision Agriculture
Barcelona, Spain 
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