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15th ICPA Workshops

Pre Conference Workshops

We are offering two pre-conference workshops, on Sunday, June 26th.  The workshops are only available to those registering for the conference.  Learn more about the workshops here.

The Google Earth Engine Workshop will be led by Mr. Harel Greenblatt

Mr. Greenblatt is a mechanical engineer working as a mechanization and technology instructor in the Ministry of Agriculture.  As an M.A. student in the Department of Geography, he specialized in remote sensing and GIS.  Mr. Greenblatt has developed a manual on the use of Google Earth Engine for agricultural purposes and he is a presenter at local conferences on the use of Google Earth Engine as an aid to farmers. 

The Data-Intensive Farm Management Workshop will be led by Dr. David S. Bullock

Dr. Bullock is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics at the University of Illinois.  He studies the economics of agricultural technology and information, and has published research on precision agriculture technology since 1998.  He is the Principal Investigator of the seven-year USDA-sponsored “Data-Intensive Farm Management” project, which uses precision agriculture technology to conduct large-scale, on farm agronomic experiments, to generate data that improves farmers’ management of nitrogen fertilizer and other inputs.   He teaches graduate courses in microeconomic theory.  He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago in 1989.