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Oral Program / Presentations

The oral program for the 14th ICPA is now available online at https://www.ispag.org/Oral_Program. This is a tentative program. The program will be finalized next week. 
Authors and presenters, please check the program for your paper. We have tried to accommodate some late submissions and late registrations. Please verify that your paper is in the program. If you do not see your paper listed and you are planning to attend the conference, please contact abstracts@ispag.org and alert us about this. 
If you see your paper listed and do not plan to attend, please let us know: abstracts@ispag.org
We have some flexibilty to move papers to different sessions. Please let us know if you need a change in the schedule or if you are needed to present is two sessions at the same time. We have tried to accommodate requests, but please let us know if an issue remains. 
If you see an issue with the program, please notify us via email by Tuesday, June 12th. After June 12th the program will go to press and changes will not be made. 
NOTE: Oral presentations will be 15 minutes in length. We suggest 13 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions. Session chairs will keep sessions on schedule. (Presentations in Industry sessions on Monday afternoon will vary in length.)

Slidesets used for the presentation may be uploaded through the abstract management system, https://www.ispag.org/abstracts. Use the green action button next to the abstract, then click Upload paper and choose powerpoint slide deck from the paper type dropdown list. You may also upload your presentation at the conference registration desk in Montreal.