ISPA Account

Session Chairs Note



You are receiving this email because you have served as a session chair in the past or have expressed an interest in helping out at the conference.


We have posted the oral program for the 14th ICPA, https://www.ispag.org/Oral_Program  We have included you as a session chair to one of the sessions. Please review the program and particularly the session to which you have been assigned.


If you are not willing to serve as a session chair, or would prefer a different assignment, please contact me at info@ispag.org by Friday, June 15th.


Attached is a DRAFT set of instructions for Session Chairs. A final version will be available onsite at the conference registration desk and in each breakout session room.


Please contact me with any questions.




Quentin Rund, Conference Secretary

qrund@paqinteractive.com, 217 762 7955




14th International Conference on Precision Agriculture

June 24-27 2018, Montreal, Quebec, Canada