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Instructions for R Workshop for Precision Agriculture Applications

June 20, 2018
14th International Conference on Precision Agriculture
R Workshop for Precision Agriculture Applications
Dear workshop participants:
It will be beneficial if you could come to the workshop with a laptop computer with preinstalled software. Following are the instructions for software installation.
Installing R
  • Go to www.r-project.org
  • Click on a CRAN mirror
  • (any of the many different places that are offered as options will do as well as any other)
  • Select the operating system
  • Select the base system
  • Such as Windows or Mac, etc.
  • Select the executable file that ends in .exe
  • Save it
  • Let it download
  • Tell it to run
  • Follow the setup wizard (Click Next, Next, Next…)
  • Open your R console
Get a head start by installing some packages. Type in your open R console:
install.packages(c("car", "multcompView", "lsmeans"))
install.packages(c("agricolae", "multcomp", "DescTools"))
install.packages(c("nlme", "spatstat", "MASS"))

… Wait for your computer to install the statistical packages. This might take a while.
Installing R Studio (an IDE for R)
To install R Studio:
  • Make sure you have the R environment installed
  • Navigate to (‘https://www.rstudio.com/products/rstudio/download/’)
  • Scroll to the near the bottom of the page and download the executable for your OS
R Workshop instructions
  • Install the Application, accepting the defaults
  • Navigate to the R Studio icon and start the application to insure it installed correctly.
  • We’ll go through the step by step of installing multiple libraries and including libraries