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Invitation to Present as part of the Virtual ICPA 2020

Dear Corresponding Author,
The virtual ICPA will be continued in the fall of 2020, and the ISPA wants to give you an opportunity to deliver your paper for the conference, receive feedback from colleagues and have your paper posted in an on-line proceedings.
The plan is for ISPA to organize Virtual ICPA webinar sessions for those who want to present. LIke sessions in a face-to-face conference, those sessions would be led by a moderator and include a short Q&A period at the end of each talk. In the virtual session questions would be sent through the chat feature of the platform. Some sessions would be organized by the ISPA communities (e.g. On-farm Experimentation, Nitrogen Management, Economics and Latin America). Papers not in the community sessions would be organized by the ISPA board into themed sessions. ISPA community leaders and the ISPA board will be in contact with those who want to present about the date, format and duration of the selected sessions
The ISPA will provide the necessary technical platform. Participation will be open to ISPA members. Papers will posted in an on-line proceedings available as usual. The sessions will be recorded, put in a repository and made accessible to ISPA members.
We have received a number of responses from interested authors. Our next step is to begin building the sessions that will make up the Virtual ICPA. We want to be sure we include all authors that want to participate.
Please reply to this email by Friday, July 24th if you wish to deliver a paper in the Virtual ICPA. If you replied to the earlier email, you should have received a response from us. If you received a response from us, you do not have to reply again with your interest.