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Intensifying Farm Management

September 3rd - Intensifying Farm Management

This webinar focuses on presentations of technologies to improve farm management including: estimation of apple load using a mobile app, impact of precision irrigation on maize yield, and use of pulse width modulation technology on pesticide sprayers. 
Join us on September 3rd, 2020 at 13:30 Central Daylight Time (UTC -5).
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  • Harriet Housam - Automated Calves' Body Temperature Detection Using Infrared Thermography and Computer Vision
    • Traditionally, a calf’s core body temperature is measured via a rectal thermometer. This method can be both time-consuming and invasive, meaning that the metric is underutilised. An automated temperature monitoring system utilising Infrared Thermography (IRT) could offer an alternative method that continuously and non-invasively monitors calf body temperature and therefore provides valuable insights into their physiological state. This presentation will demonstrate a system which could benefit commercial farms due to its low set up cost and low labour requirements. A knowledge of IRT would not be needed to operate the system due to the computer vision algorithm developed, which extracts temperature values equivalent to those gained via the manual evaluation.
  • Manoj Karkee - Apple Crop Load Estimation in a Fuji Orchard Block using a Mobile Application (App)
    • Crop-load estimation provides a critical piece of information for efficient pre- and post-harvest management in fruit crops such as apples and grapes. In this presentation, a mobile-App-based architecture will be presented for estimating crop-load in Apples. The system architecture consists of a mobile App, that collects canopy images in the field, resizes it to the desired pixel resolution, and uploads it to a cloud storage. Another important component of the system is the server running in a Cloud computing platform. A deep learning model has been implemented in the Cloud server to process images captured and uploaded by the mobile App. The results (Apple count, size, and location) is then sent back to the App where it will be displayed to the users. There is a middle-ware program that creates a reliable communication between the two components. The system has been tested in a Fuji block, which has shown an accuracy of 97% in estimating the total number of apples produced in the test plot (compared to the actual number of apples counted in the packing house). 
  • Ajay Sharda - Boom Pressure Uniformity and Droplet Size Distribution of Agricultural Sprayer with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technology
    • Large self-propelled sprayers are commonly utilizing Pulse width modulation (PWM) technology for application control. Agricultural fields are typically variable in size, terrain and extent of irregularity in shape, which combined with individual driving style can impose lot of control demand. It is vital that control systems manage label recommended application pressure during machine acceleration, deceleration and turns. Results of the study conducted at multiple producer’s fields have shown the PWM system can manage application pressures accurately in most working scenarios for over 90% of the time. The correct application pressure also ensures that droplet size distribution was maintained throughout the application to achieve optimal results. 
  • Tina Sullivan - The Impacts of Crop, Soil, and Water Management on Corn Silage Yield
Moderator: Dr. Lav Khot, Associate Professor, Washington State University
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