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Nitrogen Community Webinar - STARTS IN 90 MINUTES

October 8, 2020 - Nitrogen Community
Nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most important crop nutrients. Because it is affected by temperature, moisture and other factors it is also one of the most difficult to manage. This webinar will focus on research by the ISPA Nitrogen Management Community to improve spatial and temporal management of nitrogen.
Join us on October 8th, 2020 at 13:30 Central Daylight Time (UTC -5).
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  • Dr. Raj Khosla and Dr. Athyna Cambouris - Welcome and Housekeeping
  • Nitrogen Community Business Meeting
    • Agenda
    • Leader Report
    • Election of the Vice-Leader
    • Adjourn
  • Dr. Newell Kitchen - A Proposed Framework for Corn Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations Balancing Economic and the Environmental Outcomes
    • The question to be addressed is how should N fertilizer recommendations balance economics (i.e., producer income) and the environment (i.e., public interests). The objective of this presentation will be to provide a new approach for integrating NUE into corn N fertilizer recommendations and provide a better balance between economic and environmental outcomes. Data from several regional projects will be used to illustrate this new approach.
  • Dr. Olga Walsh - Precision Nitrogen and Water Management for Optimized Sugar Beet Yield and Sugar Content
    • The study objective was to 1) To analyze the effects of water and nitrogen fertilizer rates on sugar beet yield and quality, 2) To explore the potential of using aerial-based (UAVs) data for sugar beet nitrogen and water content monitoring, and 3) To access the feasibility of predicting sugar beet root yield and recoverable sugar using UAV-based sensors.
  • Dr. Subash Dahal - Bridging the Data-Gap in Sensing and Precision Nitrogen Application: Biodegradable Soil Sensors
    • Owing to recent advances in digital technology and the “fourth industrial revolution”, producers now have access to sophisticated farm equipment and tools for precision application of N fertilizer at fine spatial and temporal scale. The major challenge now is to develop tools for inexpensive and precise measurement of soil N during the crop growing season to understand the dynamic N requirement at a fine spatial and temporal resolution. Miniature biodegradable soil N sensors have tremendous potential to bridge the data-gap between measurement and precision application of Nitrogen fertilizer for improving N use efficiency and yield, however scientific studies focused on the development and assessment of such sensors are limited to none.
  • Dr. Athyna Cambouris -  In-Season Nitrogen Fertilizer Application under Potato Production
    • Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.) has a high nitrogen requirement, especially when grown in sandy soils. Variable rate application of nitrogen fertilizer can avoid zone of under- and over-fertilization, but uniform application of nitrogen fertilizer still remains the most common practice for the potato production. Soil management zone approach can help growers to achieve a part of this in coupling with in-season nitrogen fertilization. Results and the approach used will be presented during the webinar.
Moderator: Dr. Raj Khosla, Colorado State University and Dr. Athyna Cambouris, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
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