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OFE Community Announcement

Dear OFE Community,
As part of the Virtual International Conference on Precision Agriculture (VICPA) we are hosting a webinar on On-Farm Experimentation on 15 October at 1.30 pm Central Daylight Time (UTC -5) (7.30pm BST). 
The VICPA and OFE-Community is for ISPA members, but for this meeting it will be open to all, and we are pleased to invite members from the Consortium for On-Farm Experimentation which runs in parallel to OFE-C.
The meeting will hear from 5 submitted papers below, chaired by Nicolas Tremblay, followed by a business meeting for the ISPA OFE community
  • Daniel Kindred - Learnings from Conducting Co-Ordinated Farm-Centric Field Scale Experiments
  • Matt Yost - On-Farm Testing of Sprinkler Innovations for Pivot 
  • John Fulton - High Resolution As-Applied Mapping for Subsurface VRT Fertilizer Application
  • Md Saifuzzaman - Optimization of Geospatial Data Modeling for Crop Production by Integrating Proximal Soil Sensing and Remote Sensing Data
  • Fiona Evans - A Comparison of Geographically Weighted Regression and Bayesian Laten Gaussian Modelling for Analysis of On-Farm Experiments
We propose the OFE Community meeting agenda to cover the topics below:
  • What is OFE-C
    • Roles and ambitions (see current here)
    • Web tools, resources & Wiki
  • Announcements
    • COFE paper submitted
    • OECD proposal submitted
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Elections
Please reply with any ideas or topics you would to discuss in the roundtable, or any other items to add to the agenda.
Regarding the elections : please let us know if you would like to nominate someone (or yourself) to lead the OFE Community for the next 2 years. The OFE-Community has been led since 2018 by Myrtille Lacoste and Daniel Kindred.
For the next two years, we suggest:
  • As leader: Nicolas Tremblay, former lead of this group and former President of ISPA, has offered to take the lead for the next two years to replace Myrtille who is stepping down.
  • As co-leader: Daniel Kindred, who offered to continue, although other people are welcome to take up the role. 
We will send through a link to the meeting shortly. We hope you will be able to join us and contribute.
Best wishes,
The OFE Community Leadership
Myrtille Lacoste & Daniel Kindred