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Abstract Reviewer Reminder

Dear Colleague:
Thank you to those who have completed evaluation of the ICPA 2022 abstracts assigned to you. For those who are still working on the evaluation, this is a reminder that we need your response by January 24th to provide feedback to authors by Feb. 1.
The evaluation is simple: 
  • Is the topic precision agriculture? 
  • Do you think an ICPA audience will be interested in this research? 
  • Based on the abstract, is the science robust? What information would be useful in assessing the science? 
We need a recommendation on whether to accept the abstract for oral presentation, accept it as a poster or to return it to the author as unsuitable for the ICPA.  Suggestions for improvement of the paper are appreciated.  

Overall, I think the conference should be a "big tent". We should try to include a broad range of PA ideas and methodologies. I would reject abstracts that do not fit the definition of PA (either the ISPA crop focused definition or Precision Livestock); those whose methodology is irredeemably flawed; and those that are purely commercial. An acceptable conference paper should be the basis for networking and exchange of ideas. 
Please contact me if you have questions.
Best wishes for 2022
James (Jess) Lowenberg-DeBoer
President of the International Society of Precision Agriculture (ISPA)