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Oct 27, 2024 to Oct 30, 2024
The integration of multispectral and hyperspectral sensing technologies has become pivotal across diverse applications such as defense, security, agriculture, and geospatial endeavors. This proposed workshop focusing on agriculture, and geospatial endeavors recognizes the expanding landscape of research and commercial applications, facilitated by advancements in radar, audio, and image-sensing technologies spanning the electromagnetic spectrum. Encompassing ultraviolet through longwave infrared (0.3 – 14 μm) spectral regions, these technologies enable data capture and retrieval across field, airborne, and satellite platforms.
To remain current with the dynamic developments in the field, the workshop will place a strong emphasis on sensing, data collection, data processing, and the advancement of computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. It will serve as a platform to unveil cutting-edge surveillance technologies and foster discussions on the efficacy of novel algorithms in processing data from diverse sensing technologies and networking platforms. The workshop aims to offer insights into hyperspectral and multispectral sensing, empowering organizations and the research community to harness these technologies for enhanced decision-making and resource management.