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Representative for Poland

Stanislaw Marek M Samborski
Associate Professor
Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Nowoursynowska 159
Warsaw, Mazovia 02776
Office phone : +48 22 59 32 699

Poland Articles

Precision Agriculture in Poland

Stanislaw Samborski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences   The total agricultural land area in Poland in 2017 was 14.6 million ha, while the total sown area was 10.8 million ha. Cereals consisted of 70.7% of the sown area. The total number of farms, 1.4 million, is decreasing but is still one of the highest in Europe. Farms of 50 and more hectares account for of only 2.5% of the total number of farms, but cover about 31% of the agricultural land area. The average agricultural land area per farm is varies greatly depending on the region of Poland, the smallest in the southeastern part reaching only 4.1 ha in Małopolskie Voivodship and the highest, 30.8 ha, in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship (northwestern Poland). Much bigger farms are usually located in the northern and northwestern part of Poland are characterized by more intensive agricultural production than those located in southeastern Poland. That range of farm size helps explain why Polish farms differ in terms of precision agriculture (PA) adoption. Due to glaciation, fields are often characterized by high spatial variability of topography and soil properties, which increases the potential for adoption of PA solutions. Environmental conditions (growing season, annual rainfall, soil quality) result in a yield potential is about 30-40% ...more

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