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Webinar: Responsible Digital Agroecology, from Farm to Fork

The “Responsible Digital Agroecology, from farm to fork” webinar will be held on Thursday, October 13, 4–6 p.m. (Paris time). It is organized by #DigitAg (INRAE-CIRAD) and CGIAR. How can innovations in digital agriculture ensure inclusion and equity for all actors in the value chain? Today, new digital tools and services make digitalization more suitable to smallholders and could boost transition towards agroecology, climate-smart agriculture and inclusiveness. Research efforts must now concentrate both on technological development and on the organizational and policy evolution necessary to maximize the benefits while avoiding risks. More, original ways to carry out research, in tight relationship with stakeholders (farmers, companies, decision-makers) are essential. After showcasing agricultural digitalization successes, north and south, this webinar ends up with a multi-stakeholder panel to identify the key issues to be dealt with in order to develop an ethical, trustable and responsible digital agriculture.