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In France, OFE is taking off!

Two years ago, the First OFE international conference (#OFE2021) was organized in Montpellier. Over the last 2 years, many OFE activities have been set up at INRAE and in various agricultural technical institutes including ACTA, Terres Innovia, Arvalis and others.
Researchers in the IDEAS network (Initiative for Design in AgriFood Systems) have produced publications and organized OFE events, notably:
And above all, INRAE has hired two permanent staff members to work on OFE: Anice Cheraiet, researcher at UMR ITAP (Montpellier), specializing in data science for OFE, and Clémentine Meunier, research engineer at UMR AGIR (Toulouse), specializing in stakeholder networks in OFE.
All these encouraging signs show that, in France, OFE is definitively taking off !