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Minutes of First On-Farm Data Sharing Community Meeting – ICPA – St. Louis, MO

Minutes of First On-Farm Data Sharing Community Meeting – ICPA – St. Louis, MO
Union Station Hotel, Grand Ballroom B, 1 August 2016, 7:40 pm to 8:40 pm
Attendees: Nicolas Tremblay, David Clay, Peter Kyveryga, Ignacio Ciampitti, Scott Murrell, Tom Morris, Gordon Reichert, Gary Hatfield, David Bonfil, Clive Blacker, Richard Heath, Rodrigo Tression, Lucas Haag, Suzanne Fey, Nicole Rabe, David Krueger, Cornelia Weltzien, Marilyn Kot, Guillermo Balboa.
Tom Morris and Nicolas Tremblay thank everyone for attending the first meeting of the OFDS community. Many great ideas were provided and discussed. We will keep you informed about activities of the community by email. If you have suggestions, comments or ideas to share, please email us.
  1. Attendance. 19 people attended. A list of attendees is below with their organizations and email addresses.  
  2. Introductions. The attendees are from a wide geographic area: the US to the UK, Canada, Germany, Israel, and Australia. The expertise of the attendees is also quite diverse: statistician to agronomist, database expert, engineering, precision ag, and more. Commonality is in the desire to improve food production by sharing data.
  3. Discussion about activities to keep momentum.
    1. Should consider participating in the European Conference on Precision Ag in Edinburgh, Scotland 16-20 July 2017. Information at: http://www.ecpa2017.com/.
  4. Should have a long-range plan to train practitioners about on-farm research designs and guidelines for sharing data.
  5. Should find existing standards for data reporting, sharing and archiving such as the geospatial data standards.
  6. Should seek out other organizations with mission to increase sharing of data such as the Ag Data Coalition to learn what information is available to help create guidelines for sharing of on-farm research data.
  7. Should maintain connection with data stewardship committee at ASA/SSSA/CSSA.
  8. Update on United Soybean Board proposal. Peter Kyveryga reported that the proposal was rejected. One proposal was funded out of five submissions. Proposal idea did not fit the current mission of USB grant funding.
  9. Update on article for CSA News. Ignacio Ciampitti reported that article entitled “Risks and Benefits to Data Sharing” by T. Morris and I. Ciampitti will be published in the Early Career Members section of this month’s CSA News. CSA News is the magazine for members of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.
6.NEXT MEETING. Will be held at the ASA/SSSA/CSSA national meetings in Phoenix. Date and time to be announced. 
  1. Adjourn at 8:45 pm.
Attendees at On-Farm Data Sharing Community meeting at ICPA in St. Louis, 1 August 2016
1.Gordon Reichert                         
Statistics Canada                                 
2.Gary Hatfield
3.David Bonfil
ARO, Israel
4.Clive Blacker
Precision Decisions
5.Richard Heath
Australian Farm Institute
6.Rodrigo Tression
7.Lucas Haag
K-State U
8.Suzanne Fey
Iowa Soybean Association
9.Nicole Rabe
Ontario Ministry of Ag
10.David Krueger
11.Cornelia Weltzien
Leibniz Institute Ag Engineering
12.Marilyn Kot
Green Acres Tech Inc
13.Guillermo Balboa
K-State U
14.Tom Morris
U Connecticut
15.Nicolas Tremblay
Agriculture Agri-Food Canada
16.Peter Kyveryga
Iowa Soybean Association
17.Ignacio Ciampitti
K-State U
18.Scott Murrell
19.Richard Ferguson (for Laura Thompson)
U Nebraska-Lincoln
Unable to attend but want to be included in communications
Kent Shannon
U Missouri Extension
Matt Yost
ARS – U Missouri
Other members who could not attend the ICPA/InfoAg joint meeting
Laura Thompson
U Nebraska-Lincoln
Jordan Seger
Indiana State Department of Ag
Daren Mueller
Iowa State U
John Lory
U of Missouri
Quirine Ketterings
Cornell University