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Big Data Promises and Obstacles

A virtual Workshop on Big Data Promises and Obstacles: Agricultural Data Ownership and Privacy was hosted by the Digital Agriculture “UASPSE” (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Plant Sciences and Education) project, the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resources Sciences and PepsiCo.


Recordings of the presentations:

  • Cultivating Trust in Technology-Mediated Sustainable Agricultural Research
  • The Law and Economics of Agricultural Data Privacy
  • FAIR to FAIRS: Data Security by Design for the Global Burden of Animal Diseases
  • Big Data, Data Privacy, and Plant and Animal Diseases Research
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture: Data Issues of Privacy, Ownership, and Sharing
  • Operationalizing Data Privacy and Security in Global Agricultural Research for Development
  • Agriculture Data Management and Ownership in Native American Communities
  • Agricultural Data Ownership, Privacy/Confidentiality — A Librarian’s Perspective
  • Ag Data Sharing: Conceptual Tools in the Technical Toolbox and Implementation in the Open Ag Data Alliance Framework
  • Digital Agriculture Platforms: Spurring Public-Private Collaboration and Data-Driven Innovation